Example to read MMS message and write to a file in Perl

This example is a simple subroutine to check whether the content is a MMS and write to a file. Combine the example in “Detect WAP browser and redirect to different url in Perl”, you can route the URL request to another URL if it is not a MMS content.

The subroutine “doRedirrect” is meant to do that, or you can do a simple print message to state that this requested URL is for MMS.

The following is the code for this:

sub doMMSC {
   my $class=shift;

   my $length = $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'};

   if ($ENV{'CONTENT_TYPE'} ne "application/vnd.wap.mms-message") {

   my $count = read(STDIN, $body, $length);
   if ($count == $length) {
      open ER, ">incoming.mms";
      print ER $body;
      close ER;