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EMI UCP protocol

External Machine Interface (EMI), an extension to Universal Computer Protocol (UCP) is a SMSC VAS protocol created by CMG. As one of the major SMSC vendor, EMI and SMPP are two of the widely used SMSC VAS protocol. Even after the merger of Logica and CMG, both protocols are still widely used.

One of the free library that I’ve using is from Marco Romano. It is a Perl library which can be used to generate EMI/UCP message easily. Please take a look at:

Transcoding Engine

Nowadays, anyone that working in the telco space, esp. those who work in the ip mobile space, has to come in touch with transcoding one way or another. Today, topic is about transcoding and how to find information for each transcoding engine that are free and widely available.

Image Transcoding

The best and free engine that I’ve come across is ImageMagick. You can take a look at To convert from one format to another is as simple as:

convert rose.jpg rose.png

Audio Transcoding

Searching for free audio transcoding is not as simple as I thought initially until I found this web site at It describes the difference audio transcoding engine and how they work together to convert different format of audio to/from one another.

Video Transcoding

FFMpeg is always the choice when I ask someone for a free source to transcode video file.

Check out these web site, it should give you a starting point of where to look out for free library and third party software to do transcoding.