Art Of Mobile

Historically, “Art Of Mobile” is founded by a few people who are interested in Wireless Technology. As time goes by, some of us have left the team and some of us do not want to concentrate just on Wireless Technology. Since then, I’ve bought the domain name of and dedicate this domain just for Wireless Technology.

This is a resource web site where mobile application developers can learn the know-how from the experienced developers and engineers in the telecommunication industry.

This is still a new site but it is constantly being reviewed and updated based on the feedback that the web site owner received. The site is updated once in a while and covers articles such as MMS, SMS, WAP and SIGTRAN protocol. It also provides sample source code in Java, Perl and PHP to demonstrate what have been discussed in the articles.

Registered as a user and you can make a comment on the articles so that others can also learn from you and if you feel that you have something useful to write about, the site owner is willing to pay you to write an article.

If you are looking for a list of software that I have created, you can go to this link.